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Systems Development and Consulting with Trainual


Unleash the power of a cohesive team with Trainual 

Your company systems should be the core of  your team's function 

Do you need help creating procedures and setting up your standard operating procedures?

I’m an independent consultant providing virtual consulting to help teams implement and optimize Trainual within their organizations. I work alongside you and your team to convert your processes (however they may be stored) into lessons and true experiences. 

Trainual is an amazing learning management system that can serve as the playbook for your organization. I have spent the last 10 years of my career creating curricula for universities and professional continuing education programs. I have developed and resigned over 150 courses while completing LMS implementations for organizations large and small.  

My experience prioritizes your business need and caters to your organizational values.

With Trainual, we can empower your team to learn better. 

Take a test run with me, by clicking the link below, or see it for yourself here!

How can your organization benefit?
Standard Operating Procedure Migration
Creation of Processes and Procedures
Trainual Redesign
Ongoing Support
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